Below you will find a list of therapies that Dennis offers from his clinics in both Liverpool and Formby.

There is short description of the therapy to help you get a general idea of how each treatment works. If you have any more questions about any of the therapies on offer or would like to know more about other treatments Dennis may offer, please get in touch through the contact page.

Holistic Osteopathy.

Osteopathy works to restore and improve functionality of the human body. Whilst the therapy works primarily on the musculo skeletal system, it also profoundly affects the nervous system, cardio-vascular system, sensory systems, visceral, digestive and lymphatic systems. The techniques vary from gentle forms of soft tissue work through deep tissue work to spinal manipulation, so treatment can be adapted to all age groups and levels of infirmity. The treatments bring relief to a wide range of physical problems ranging from sports injuries, physical accidents (e.g whiplash), post-operative care and degenerative diseases like arthritis. Although commonly associated with physical pain, osteopathy can help with a wide range of other ailments, including respiratory problems, migraine and head aches, digestive and menstrual problems. Holistic Osteopathy takes the basic principles of osteopathic practice and puts osteopathic care in the context of psychological and emotional stress, and utilises a more mind-body approach alongside using dietary support and systems of self exercise to enhance the treatment package.

Remedial Massage.

Remedial massage is a very effective treatment for a wide range of conditions, it can help relieve tension, every day aches and pains, and more specific injuries. Stress conditions associated with emotional and mental strains can also be alleviated. Massage as a preventative therapy can prevent many conditions needing surgical or drug intervention. Massage therapy is a useful complementary therapy to many other therapies.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

Cranio-sacral therapy is one of the most gentle and non evasive forms of treatment. The practitioners touch is light, starts at the head and follows the subtle cranio-sacral rhythms throughout the body. Although light, the therapy is very powerful as it tunes into one of the deepest systems in the body, and can often resolve problems that have not responded to other therapies. It can be used as first choice therapy, or as an adjunctive to other therapies. It can be used to treat almost any condition, acute or chronic, from physical injuries to emotional problems. It is particularly valuable in treating head injuries and the after effects of meningitis. It can be used on new born babies and recent mothers to aid in reducing birth related traumas.

Sports Therapy.

Many sports injuries respond very well to physical treatment. Sports performance can be enhanced through better preparation, and training regimes can be usefully informed by referring to body work. Sports therapy can be used to heal old injuries and stop them from reoccurring, and be enormously helpful in injury prevention.

Polarity Therapy.

This is a gentle touch therapy based on Ayurvedic medicine. It consists of hands on therapy, polarity yoga, adherence to an Ayurvedic diet and life style. The combination of polarity touch and western osteopathic manipulation is a very interesting way of working with the whole person. It works by helping the body to heal itself and works at all levels of the body, the structural, the subtle body, nervous system emotional and mental level. It has been found useful in addressing the underlying causes of diseases and moving the body towards better balance.

Bowen Technique.

Bowen technique is a unique system of body work based on the pioneering work of Tom Bowen. It is a unique system of precise movements on specific points on the body. These movements are light and can be performed through clothing which help rebalance the body and facilitate healing. The healing process is not limited to the presenting physical symptoms but extends to the mental, emotional and cognitive aspects of the individual.

Postural Integration.

Postural integration (PI) is a structured form of fascial release work based on the work of Jack Painter. It is a combination of Rolfing style fascial release work, deep tissue work, Reichian breath work and Gestalt facilitation techniques. This can be used in a non-psychotherapy context of deep body work.

Painless Spinal Touch.(PSTT)

Another form of light touch technique designed to restore the natural flow of energy through the body. Primarily working on the spine, PSTT is suitable for anyone who would not be able to withstand more robust approaches to physical therapy. PSTT is another holistic therapy which can enhance well being, and healing at a profound level of body, mind and spirit.

Diet and Nutrition.

Dietary therapy is a vital part of healing. What we eat is vital to our physical, emotional and mental well being, and can often be the underlying cause of many complex disease presentations. We use nutrition as a supporting therapy for all the physical therapies and as a stand alone component to healing. Nutritional therapy works well with allergy testing and movement therapy as natural allies of physical therapy.

Allergy Testing.

Allergies and food sensitivities are a new form of assault on our bodies. We live in a more complex toxic chemical environment that has undermined our immune systems, and modern food values have further eroded our bodies defence systems. Often physical symptoms can be related to allergic processes, including inflammation, respiratory, digestive and lymph system problems. Allergy therapy works well with nutritional approaches and physical therapy to address complex health issues.